Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Winter Warm

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Winter has been here for some time now, but today there is snow. Lovely, white, fluffy, free-falling snow. It's nice simply because this cold weather is finally validated by this quintessential form of precipitation.

So, with the snow, comes dressing for snowy days (and hopefully a couple of snowdays so we can stay home in our newly gifted pajamas and furry slippers). As always, the key to winter warmth is layers. Keep in mind though, while heavy knits like the ones above may be synonymous with winter dressing, you can all too quickly look like the Michelin Man if you dont find a balance in your outfit. When wearing heavy knits or puffy feather-filled coats on top, keep it stream-lined and skinny below. Also, don't layer heavy knits upon heavy knits (please note Michelin Man reference above). Instead invest in some good quality long-sleeved basic light knitwear that will keep you both warm and fashionable still.  

And please. Do this fashion lady a favour and add some pops of colour to your winterized wardrobe. It's going to get grey very quickly and id the only thing people can see when you're quickly dodging the cold weather are your legs, at least pleasure them with a bright pair of bottoms. Consider it your civic duty.

peace and fashion

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Gift Guide 2011 Pt. 2

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Whether you're the older sister who has showed how to perfectly draw on a cat eye with liquid eye-liner or the younger sister who can't help but "borrow" that cashmere V-neck from her closet, the relationship of sisters is incomparable to any other. Here are a few little gift hints your big/little sister would love to find under the tree this year. 

☮ peace and fashion

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Gift Guide 2011

While I may not have a running list of besties, the girlies in my life I hold closest to my little fashionably glitterized heart are simply the best. These girlies have been there through it all - the stressful exams and jittery first dates, the promotions and slurry nights, the heartaches and the times of uncontrollable laughter - and while I believe in showing bestie love all 365 days, this time of year prompts me to shout it from the rooftops. I can't help but want to spoil these girlies with pretty glittery cross bodies and furry key-fob poofs. They deserve the best after all. 

So, who's the chickee that's been there for you? What are you gifting her this wintery season? Whatever you decide, Felicity&Fritz has got your back.We're a good friend like that. 

☮ peace and fashion

Monday, October 31, 2011

It Best Be Big

"Size doesn't matter" so the adage goes, but really when has size not been important? Do you pick the teeniest apples at the grocery store? No. You choose the big juicy ones. Do you pick the size 6 when really you're an 8? No. You choose your shoe size (unless you're a fan of bunions). Do you choose Batman or Robin? Enough said in that statement alone I'm sure.
What I'm getting at is the seasons oversized, exaggerated trend is one to be appreciated. While one may think of the much too large as sloppy, fast-forward to this fall season and you will be pleasantly greeted by that which is refined and refreshed. Voluminous mini dresses, cocoon outerwear, an XL blazer and a puff sleeve, if you will, are making this trend one that not only is one to bring you into modernity but will also ease those days wear that body-con dress or sheer shirt are just not an option (like tomorrow when you have awoken with a Halloween sugar hangover and slipping into your skinnies is more like hammering a nail into a cement wall - impossible but you keep on trying. poor sugar-addict fashion girl). 

So, how does one don the XL of this fall season?

1. Balance bold proportions with sky-high heels
(this holds true no matter what your height)
2. Off-set voluminous blouses with curve-hugging pencil skirt
3. Pair cocoon tops with skinny bottoms
(hold off on the skinnies until Nov.2 as noted for reasons above)
4. Pair menswear style coats with tailored pieces such as dresses and trousers. 
5. Ankle boots look best. 

☮ peace and fashion

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

She's a Scarlet

For those of you reading the Felicity&Fritz blog on the regular (and why wouldn't you be) you know that my relationship with all that is rouge is one that ebbs and flows. Currently I am in a state of flow toward reds in every shade and tone - be it candy apple or rich merlot (both of which, I will disclose with you fashion girlies, my taste buds are big fans of). 

Go to Our Facebook Page, friend us, and let us know how you're wearing red this season!

☮ peace and fashion

Monday, October 17, 2011

Top Trend - Such A Lady

Gone are the days of the grunge-tastic and the tres moody aesthetic. This fall, designers like Miuccia Prada, Marc Jacobs, Jil Sander and the Proenza Schouler team brought their interpretations of the au courant lady. 

Classic pieces (you know the drill - boy blazers, the perfect blouse, pencil skirts, trousers and dresses) have been shocked with statement patterns such as animal, floral, digital and geometirc prints in colours that take the grey out of this mid-October weather. And when it comes to colour, saturated is the name of the game; think violet, tangerine, royal blue and emerald. 

Lastly, pull your outfit together with that last needed touch of lady with accessories that compliment. This means solid tones in swoon-worthy materials - leather, patent, velvet and fur (faux of course). 

Similar styles at Felicity&Fritz Now!! 

So, let's recap. Pattern. Classic pieces. Print. Saturated colour. Luxurious accessories. So, go on now. Be a nice lady. 

☮ peace and fashion

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Making the Cut

I don't know who "they" are but have you noticed "they" keep telling us to cut out a lot from our lives? I mean really, am I going to be a better person if I cut out caffeine from my diet? Answer: no. No, I will not. I will be a cranky, mind you well-dressed, crazy lady. 

The one cut, however, I am endorsing is the chic cut pertaining to this season's pant lengths. I'm a big fan of this ankle-grazing micro-trend. In fabrics and cuts appropriate for casual and dress, this flattering length shows just that bit of skin that will leave you elongating your fashion girly figure. Not to mention, how your footwear (naturally, from Felicity&Fritz) makes their appropriate debut (they've been neglected as a result from those long trousers you've been wearing. shame, shame). 

Also, as an added bonus (read: laugh) clicky click the link to read up on how your can seduce via your ankles. That's right. Ankles are sexy. If you're reading this link in your office this morning and happen to laugh out loud, prompting your co-workers to wonder what is going on, quickly distract them with "The Flamingo" (I am laughing as I type this). 

☮ peace and fashion

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Personal Statement of Style

What's better than starting your hump-day with the ever smile-inducing statement "Oh my God I LOVE your necklace! Where did you get it?!"? (go ahead, we dare you to try and challenge us with something better...well...maybe this smile-worthy statement with a complimentary Starbucks Americano). 

Not just for when you're schmoozing at your weekend gala, a statement necklace is just as appropriate for the classroom, office, afternoon shopping and Sunday brunch with your best girlies. With the quick ability to transform the plain white t-shirt or a classic button blouse, a statement necklace has the ability to elevate your outfit from mundane to stunning. From big and chunky to dainty and detailed, Felicity&Fritz has some of the best options to adorn yourself so that you garner the compliments you so greatly deserve. 

☮ peace and fashion

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

We'll Pretend Today is Monday

I don't know when it happened fashion girlies, but my aversion to the colour red is slowing dwindling. I am compelled by the colour. Drawn to it if you will. Still, I own nothing in the hue, however the cover of Harper's Bazaar Fall 2011 Fashion Trends has gone rouge with glorious creations from Gucci, Michael Kors, Prada, Lanvin and Rodarte taking centre stage. I want each gown...and a gala to wear each gown to. Also, I would enjoy a man of a Tom Ford aesthetic to be my date each gala. Not much to ask on a Tuesday following Thanksgiving weekend when most of us likely have a turkey and apple pie hangover. 

Happy Tuesday! 

☮ peace and fashion

Monday, September 26, 2011

Threes Company

I often wake up in the morning with songs running through my mind. I'll have these melodies stuck on repeat throughout my day until I get so busy I forget the song I ever woke up singing. This morning I woke up to the tune of the theme song of Three's Company. What? You don't wake up to 70's sitcom theme songs? Weirdo. 

It's only fitting that today's Monday pick me up be the FW11 Louis Vuitton campaign featuring three gorgeous women - Christy Turlington, Karen Elson and Natalia Vodianova - who flawlessly encapsulate the trending madmen esthetic. Please note the shoes (wide flattened bows, anyone?) and handbags (jacquard inspired carryalls and doctor bags? YEP!). 

While these fashions of great theatrics are a few steps above Chrissy's midriff tops and Jacks seemingly skin tight flared denim, I like to think the ladies in this FW campaign are singing "Come and knock on our door" internally as they sit looking off into whatever may be in the distance (Perhaps a modern day Jack Tripper dressed in a perfectly tailored dark charcoal pinstripe suit with soft leather loafers. In white of course.) 

Happy Monday!

☮ peace and fashion

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Boot It

For a while now, we at felicity&fritz, and just about every other fashion girly that is a true fashion girly, have been insanely obsessed with the one Michael Kors (I've already purchased two of the four boots shown below. I couldn't help myself. I was weak. I'm OK with that.).

This season, Michael Kors does not let us down as he brings together downtown cool with uptown chic leaving us admirers swooning and drooling over each and every design (also leaving our MK leather embossed wallets relatively empty). Each style below is now exclusively at felicity&fritz and can take you from the office to drinks with the girlies, from running errands to your family night dinner.

This man is an obvious genius. Bringing his die-hard followers everything that is right in fashion, one can't help but wonder how and when he implanted the tiny probes into our brains streaming him all that we want and love and lust for in what we choose to adorn ourselves in each season. I mean really. How did he do it? 

There's one more boot style at felicity&fritz - clickety click to see it!

☮ peace and fashion

Tuesday, September 20, 2011


One of felicity&fritz's favourite blogs goes by the name of Man Repeller. Leandra Medine coined the ever appropriate term "arm party" - bringing attention to the stay-worthy trend of throwing together the plethora of wrist adorning styles prominent this season. Threaded friendship bracelets, rhinestone adorned bangles and, featured here, warrior appropriate cuffs. While stacking these babies may be a little daunting (and potentially awkward) try wearing one on each of your wrists for a sort of don't-mess-with-me kind of vibe. Would you mess with someone in warrior (leather and rhinestone embellished) cuffs? Didn't think so. 

☮ peace and fashion

Monday, September 19, 2011

Case of The Mondays

Nothing beats a case of the Mondays like a Spring 2012 preview of pretty fashions. Designer Matthew Williamson brings another stunning collection inspired with bohemian prints and eastern flair. I know Fall has just sprung up, but I'm already having tangerine dreams for the upcoming fashion season!

peace and fashion

Monday, August 15, 2011

Wild in Pairs

Drapey silhouettes, fur accents, reptilian prints, tailored jackets and trousers, warm chocolate, rich leather accents, deep wine, piled chunky bracelets. Enter the season of the uberglamazon. 
Grab your best girlie and get wild. 

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Chunky Chunky

It was Marilyn Monroe that has been quoted as saying all women owe much thanks to whomever invented the high heel. And while this 5'2 fashion girlie fully agrees, we owe praise to that great inventor of the platform as well. All that is platformed footwear really has come some way since the Cher and her Clueless clique stomped down the halls of their high school as though it were a New York runway. 

Not only is this a key style for the fall, but so attractive about this footwear is the longevity of the trend. Taking inspiration from the 70's this spring, the platform transitions into the fall as evident from collections from Marc Jacobs and Marni styled with classic body skimming sheath dresses and floor skimming wide-legged trousers. Invest in these heels now as the silhouette will not only be relevant for season to come and work with frocks, distressed denim and midi-length skirts. 

 peace and fashion

Thursday, August 4, 2011

I Like My Martini Pink

As the summer starts to wrap up (*tear*sigh*kicking*screaming*) take some inspiration from one of Felicity&Fritz's favourite Canadian clothing lines - Pink Martini. With hints of pretty pastel colours on their light pieces perfect for layering for these cool summer nights, treat yourself to a Martini. Make it Pink. A Pink Martini. Yep. We insist. 

☮ peace and fashion

Monday, August 1, 2011

Almost Famous

However many years ago before my aunt got married, she gifted me a selection of her most loved VHS (yes, VHS...ahhh the good old days) movies including 10 Things I Hate About You, Notting Hill and Almost Famous. I swooned over Heath Ledger in 10 Things, tried to understand Hugh Grant's accent and became totally mesmerized with all that wavy beach hair, crop topped and flared denim. (and I mean really, at eleven years old, it's a good thing it was the fashion I was focusing on rather than the *cough* sex, drugs and rock and roll....literally).

Aaaaanyhow, I digress. The runway shows of S/S11 provided plenty of Almost Famous inspiration in the form of all that is flared and wide-legged. While there is the notion that this ever returning style will date you back to the 70's, there is a way dear fashion girlies to wear this trend without looking like you're "supporting the band". 

Topping your flares with a silky shirt takes the look from casual to sophisticated.

Saturday, July 30, 2011

Princess Street Promenade 2011

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Princess St. Promenade!!

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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Thinky Pinky

Make like a panther and parade yourself in this smile-inducing hue.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Oh Baby!

I'm an egomaniac. Ok, not really at all. However, this post was inspired by the pants I am wearing as I type this post (featured below!). While much of this summer's colour palette has featured saturated and neon tones, these warm pastels make their entrance both for this season and into the fall. 

Cole Haan sandals. Michael Kors rosegold watch. DVF sunnies. Earrings.
All available at Felicity&Fritz

Sky blue, baby pink, butter yellow, lavender and cool mint may lead you to think of laughing babies and the smell of talcum powder, however these colours have made their way onto ladylike frocks, sexy heels and swoon-worthy accessories leaving any fashion girl saying "oh, baby!". 

☮ peace and fashion

Monday, July 25, 2011

Long Summer Days

You know those summer days where you want nothing more than to be stylish and on-trend but you wake up in the laziest state causing you revert to your go-to uniform of jean cut-offs and a plain white tee? With this post dear fashion girls, I answer your style-craving prayers. 

Hallelujah for all things maxi...specifically dresses and skirts (as an aside: this does not include floor grazing hair and floor-dragging ratted denim). When it comes to those lazy days, those of great lengths are a fashion girls best friend (haven't shaved your legs? no worries, the maxi will accommodate your prickly gams just wonderfully). These frocks not only come in an array of fits and fabrics but also colours allowing every fashion girl to adapt the summer essential into their own taste.

To make this daytime summery chic look work best remember the following: 1. Choose the right fabric (cotton or jersey) 2. Correct footwear is key (wedge espadrilles or light flat sandals) 3. Show off your quirkiness with fun accessories (fruit necklaces anyone?).  

☮ peace and fashion

Friday, July 22, 2011

Feels Like Crazy Stupid Hot

Current Weather: 30 degrees Celsius. Feels Like: 40 degrees Celsius. In fashion terms this translates to airy dresses, super light knits, maxi skirts, strappy tops and bathing suits. Warning: Apply sunscreen liberally and stay hydrated with cold raspberry bellinis. 

Free People "Ode to Summer" Lookbook
photo source:

☮ peace and fashion

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Dreaming Blue Green

I've been in a blue period for the greater portion of my life. Not in a sad-depressed-woe-is-me sort of way, rather just an innate love for every variation of the colour blue (note here, here, here ). This summer and into the upcoming fall '11 blues and greens are making a statement (I imagine the statement to be "Hi. I'm am cobalt/evergreen/turquoise/jade and I am a whole lotta luxurious fabulous wonderful greatness.") Take note from designers, such as Michael Kors and Diane Von Furstenburg, and upgrade your LBD to a cobalt shift dress or trade in your flip flops for a pair of green patterned espadrille flats.

☮ peace and fashion

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

You're So Grape

Yesterday I wrote about how my shopping soul mate made me realize my current fixation with all things tangerine. Today I'm spotlighting her swoon worthy purple. I find this colour to have the most impact when it's in saturated or vibrant tones, reminding me of smoldering summer nights spent drinking sangria on downtown patios while talking about nothing but nothingness. In short - Summer Perfection.

☮ peace and fashion

Monday, July 18, 2011

Orange Crush

On a recent shopping trip with my good friend, (and shopping soul mate) she told me that she goes through colour phases. Shopping exclusively in one colour until she moves on to the next one. I laughed until I realized I am currently in a state of tangerine dreams and orange creamsicles (Have you ever had an orange creamsicle? I haven't. Do they taste good? Let me know.)

At any rate, her shopping strategy has inspired me to compile the seasons greatest colour offerings in a series of posts. Today is my vitamin C infused hue - check in tomorrow to see which my shopping-mate is swooning over!

Oh! And don't forget - Felicity&Fritz is Moving! Take advantage of our 50-70% Store Wide Sale!!

☮ peace and fashion

Monday, July 11, 2011

KORS Sunnies

For those of you who follow this Felicity&Fritz blogger, you will have already read about my obsession with sunglasses here. So really, it should be no surprise Felicity&Fritz is now carrying Michael Kors sunnies. Oh, You didn't know? Well. Let me tell you. Felicity&Fritz is shading your blues, hazels, greens and browns from the sun's UV's with our exclusive Michael Kors Collection of Sunglasses!

Jump to the next page to see some of the collection!

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Packing Light

 We don't like to travel with a ton of baggage (no matter how fashionable that baggage may be) so all of our merchandise has been marked down UP TO  70% OFF!!
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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Desitantion Road Trip

My best friend and I are in constant road trip mode. Well...imaginary road trip mode. Our list of destinations currently includes New York City, Vancouver, Spain, Greece and Italy. As to how we will be driving to said destinations is beyond me, however, I am very aware of what I will be packing when the time comes to say Bon Voyage!

Deux Lux clutch/Chinese Laundry thong sandal/Scarf
Chinese Laundry wedge/Sebago lace-up driver/Nella Bella multi-tote

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

June To Do

Summer weather is looking promising as of late in the great City of Kingston (mind you, I type this while simultaneously knocking on any wooden surface I can find). At the top of your June To Do List should be adding some colour to your daily ensemble.

Cole Haan thong sandal/Marc by Marc Jacobs flip flop/Michael Michael Kors bow flip flop
Nine West clutch/Michael Kors watch/Big Buddha tote
All available at Felicity&Fritz!

Base your colour palette off of all that nature has to offer - bright purple tulips, juicy navel oranges, lush kelly green grass, fresh berries (specifically of the straw, rasp and black varieties) and oversized sunflowers, just to name a few sources of inspiration. In short, the big "To Do" this June, is to have fun. Blogger's orders. No exceptions.

☮ peace and fashion

Friday, June 3, 2011

Watch This

I still remember my very first watch. My grandmother bought it for me when I was about six years old and it was (at the time) the most beautiful watch. What did it look like? Well, the face had the picture of Snow White within it and the band was of elastic material printed with Snow White and flowers and birds. I thought I had won the lottery with that watch. And so too began my love of watches. 

Through the years this bloggers love of watches not only has grown but has been nurtured by mama felicity&fritz as she too has a fetish of the timekeepers. So, of course, it is only natural mama felicity&fritz and this felicity&fritz blogger have chosen to expand our product offering to include the gorgeous watches of Michael Kors. 

all Michael Kors watches now at Felicity&Fritz!
☮ peace and fashion

Monday, May 30, 2011

Let's Share

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What To Wear to A Summer BBQ

I don't get excited about summer until I am officially able to BBQ. I'm not quite sure what I mean by "officially", however, I do know there is nothing more satisfying than the smell of food grilling on the BBQ. Not to mention, everything seems to taste better when you've cooked it on the BBQ doesn't it?

When it comes to dressing for a BBQ get together, comfort is essential. This type of gathering is one of fun and relaxation so go for bright colours and fun prints. Think light and airy, oversized and flowing pieces that allow you to move effortlessly and perhaps even conceal that "food baby" which may inevitably pop up after that hamburger, grilled chicken kebab, second helping of sweet potato fries and grilled veggies (always eat your veggies!). 
Matiko thong sandal/Deux Lux handbag/MIA lace-up/Nine West Clutch
Chinese Laundry thong sandal/Nine West cross-body all at felicity&fritz!
Similar styles of other pieces shown also in store!

☮ peace and fashion

Friday, May 27, 2011

DEUX LUX Handbags

Introducing DEUX LUX

 felicity&fritz's newest handbag line!
now in store!

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Take It From Your Marshmallows

Like marshmallows are heaven with melted chocolate, so too are crisp whites in the upcoming warm-weather months. Blame my love of S'mores (though, who doesn't love them?!) as inspiration for these white pairings with rich brown tones. The muted colour of spring is perfectly grounded with earthy tones like cognac, slate and of course chocolate. When it comes to wearing white experiment with different materials and fabrics like soft leathers and pretty lace and add accents of bright colours like the turquoise shown below and other vibrant hues of the season like fluorescent pink, hot red, tangerine and kelly green. Now if you excuse me, I am going to finish my breakfast of marshmallows, chocolate and graham crackers (if only).

 Rings and Karston Sandal at felicity&fritz

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Cobra. Boa. Rattle. Python.

While I may have no desire to come face-to-face with a snake, have a pet snake or even eat snake to wear a python print I will gladly endorse. The slithering creature makes for a great source of inspiration when it comes to summer dressing and had transferred it's print to summer pumps and sandals, chic jewellery and handbags you'll be begging to hold on to (as opposed to that somewhat inevitable child-like scream that comes out every once and a while. What?! Snakes are scary).

Michael Kors pump and sandal, House of Harlow pump available at felicity&fritz
Similar style clutches and jewellery available at felicity&fritz

☮ peace and fashion

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Hot Pants

While last spring was all about soft toned neutrals, S/S 11 is all about infusing your wardrobe with hot hues. One way to incorporate the season's bag-of-skittles colour palette into your own closet is by pulling on a pair of hot hued pants. The key to making this look end with a pot of gold is by keeping your bottoms as the statement-maker while the other pieces of your outfit simply compliment.

Look 1 - MIA footwear and jewellery available at felicity&fritz (watches coming soon!)
Look 2 - Marc by Marc Jacobs footwear, Cole Haan handbag and jewellery available at felicity&fritz
Look 3 - Marc by Marc Jacobs footwear, T-shirt and jewellery available at felicity&fritz

☮ peace and fashion

Monday, May 16, 2011

Ladies Night

Single lady or not, a girls night out is undeniably one of the most fun socials penciled into your calendar. Girls night, as I am sure you already know, is all about going out with your best friends and getting a little (or a lot) crazy. SO this is absolutely the time to have fun with your wardrobe and try something more daring than your usual ensemble.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Ship Shape

For the longest time I hated stripes. And then my aunt forced me to try on stripes. I now love stripes. My nautical obsession is somewhat ubiquitous with the spring and summer wardrobe of a fashionista, and for good reason quite frankly. Reason being, pairing this season stripe with your favourite solid pieces (perhaps a hot hued trouser or a pencil skirt in a grounded navy or slate tone) is effortlessly chic. Not to mention, for those of us fashion girls who work during these warm months (aka most) incorporating a few nautical pieces accompanied with the imagination of spending the weekend in Cannes may subside that migraine from that stack of paperwork.

 footwear, handbag and accessories available at Felicity&Fritz!!

PS: Have You Entered Our Marc by Marc Jacobs Giveaway Yet?! It's Ending Soon!! Don't Miss Out!!

☮ peace and fashion

Oxford Women

Lace-up styles were all over the S/S 11 runways and are undeniably at the top of this fashion blogger's list of Must-Haves for this season. Reason being, designers have taken this old school style and made it refreshingly modern with intriguing textures, luxurious materials and even hot hues your feet will surely "Thank you" for.

When it comes to styling you can take a couple routes to highlight your fashionably adorned pied. You may choose to contrast the masculinity of your oxfords with feminine pieces such as floral tops or an airy ankle length skirt. Alternatively go for a relaxed look with your favourite pair of worn-in denim, oversized thin knit pullover and hobo leather bag.

☮ peace and fashion

Monday, May 9, 2011

Oh So Golden

Hemlines are rising. Shoulders are bare. Necklines plunging. All the while I can't help but notice one thing - I. Am. Extremely. Pale. And when I say "pale" I mean I am borderline reflecting any light that hits my bare skin (there is potential hazard in this ladies! I can imagine the headline now "Seven Car Pile-Up on Princess St. Due to Glare Caused by Girls Paleness" could happen). 
Though, I digress. As laying out in the sun is months away and crawling into a tanning bed is less than desirable, bronzers are the way to fake that golden goddess glow. Everyone can wear a bronzer, the trick, however, is choosing the right shade and applying it properly.