Thursday, June 16, 2011

Packing Light

 We don't like to travel with a ton of baggage (no matter how fashionable that baggage may be) so all of our merchandise has been marked down UP TO  70% OFF!!
Don't miss out girlies!!

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Desitantion Road Trip

My best friend and I are in constant road trip mode. Well...imaginary road trip mode. Our list of destinations currently includes New York City, Vancouver, Spain, Greece and Italy. As to how we will be driving to said destinations is beyond me, however, I am very aware of what I will be packing when the time comes to say Bon Voyage!

Deux Lux clutch/Chinese Laundry thong sandal/Scarf
Chinese Laundry wedge/Sebago lace-up driver/Nella Bella multi-tote

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

June To Do

Summer weather is looking promising as of late in the great City of Kingston (mind you, I type this while simultaneously knocking on any wooden surface I can find). At the top of your June To Do List should be adding some colour to your daily ensemble.

Cole Haan thong sandal/Marc by Marc Jacobs flip flop/Michael Michael Kors bow flip flop
Nine West clutch/Michael Kors watch/Big Buddha tote
All available at Felicity&Fritz!

Base your colour palette off of all that nature has to offer - bright purple tulips, juicy navel oranges, lush kelly green grass, fresh berries (specifically of the straw, rasp and black varieties) and oversized sunflowers, just to name a few sources of inspiration. In short, the big "To Do" this June, is to have fun. Blogger's orders. No exceptions.

☮ peace and fashion

Friday, June 3, 2011

Watch This

I still remember my very first watch. My grandmother bought it for me when I was about six years old and it was (at the time) the most beautiful watch. What did it look like? Well, the face had the picture of Snow White within it and the band was of elastic material printed with Snow White and flowers and birds. I thought I had won the lottery with that watch. And so too began my love of watches. 

Through the years this bloggers love of watches not only has grown but has been nurtured by mama felicity&fritz as she too has a fetish of the timekeepers. So, of course, it is only natural mama felicity&fritz and this felicity&fritz blogger have chosen to expand our product offering to include the gorgeous watches of Michael Kors. 

all Michael Kors watches now at Felicity&Fritz!
☮ peace and fashion